Mesmerizing Phenomenon When Bubbles Freeze Into Little ‘Snow Globes’

Caters_NewsPublished: January 8, 2018Updated: January 9, 2018470 views
Published: January 8, 2018Updated: January 9, 2018

An incredible video has captured the amazing phenomenon when bubbles freeze into breathtaking “snow globe domes” before popping in the bitter winter wind. The low temperatures in Alberta, Canada caused this breathtaking phenomenon which was witnessed by high school chemistry teacher, Jason Zackowski.

Filmmaker Jason set a timelapse video and documented this phenomenon first hand. Watch as bubbles form transparent domes which slowly begin to freeze, as they are covered in ice crystals covering the outer exterior of the bubble before popping in the blistering breeze. The crystals create a mesmerizing phenomenon resembling a shaken snow globe, as the tiny icy particles dance back and forth around the bubble.

We could sit and watch this incredible display all day. The science behind this is bubbles forming because the soap in the mixture creates three layers. Between the inner and outer layer, a razor-thin layer of water is squished in between. When water freezes the snow globe effect is formed.

When this phenomenon was captured on camera, the weather outside was very windy and the low temperature caused bubbles to pop quickly. The amazing part is that each one of these bubbles is completely unique. This is a very rare occurrence and requires frigid temperatures!

High school chemistry teacher, Jason Zackowski, from Alberta, Canada decided to try this exciting experiment when he formed bubbles on top of the snow. Footage clearly shows the process when these bubbles visibly freeze. Watch the incredible sight as ice crystals slowly form on the exterior, before the bubble pops from the breeze.

Footage really showcases the beauty of nature as these frozen bubbles resemble as snow globes. Crystals form and wind blows the bubble back and forth giving that 'shaken' feeling from a snow globe.

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