Toddler Starts Jamming To The Music After A Life-Changing Ear Surgery

Published January 8, 2018 8,131 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming video has emerged that captures the moment an American toddler heard music for the first time after a life-changing surgery. Little Owen Montoya was born deaf, but at the 15 months of age he underwent an ear surgery in Phoenix, Arizona when a cochlear implant was placed in his left ear.

Footage shows this adorable toddler bopping his head up and down with a beaming smile, jamming to the music. This is the magical moment when a tot was introduced to the sound of music with the help of a device that was hooked up to his mum’s phone via bluetooth and welcomed this toddler into the world of music. What an emotional moment!

When parents found out that Owen was deaf it was very hard for them, and it is ironic because their family is very musical. So Owen’s mother Janae Montoya, 26, was very excited for to see her son enjoying music and jamming to the rhythm.

Watch as Owen marches to the beat of his own drum. The little tot started dancing, bopping his head and rocking out to the music. The moment Owen was hooked to the listening device he started smiling and rocking to the music. Amazingly, the toddler has totally immersed himself in music every day since. Incredible!

The irony is that Owen comes from a musical family. His grandparents used to sing, his mother used to sing, his uncle went to a musical school, in fact, all of his family members all singers and very musical. Music takes a huge part of their lives. Therefore, it was very sad to find out that Owen was born deaf!