When you win a fridge at the local raffle but can't get it home

NewsflarePublished: January 8, 2018
Published: January 8, 2018

These two lads were baffled when they won a fridge in a raffle - and had to ride home with it on their motorbike.

Thammarat Thumphat and Ritti Kiatmongkol went to a party in hometown Sisaket, Thailand, on January 4, paying 20 baht (45p) each for prize draw tickets.

They were thrilled after one of their raffle tickets was pulled from a hat - only for the mystery top prize to be revealed as an enormous purple refrigerator.

The lads then had the problem of getting the appliance back home - and when it couldn’t fit in a taxi, Thammarat was hilariously filmed clinging onto the fridge while riding pillion on a moped.

Friend Pramote Boonta, who also had a ticket, said: ‘’Five of us all went to the Red Cross foundation for a party night and we bought a pair of tickets each to share.

‘’We were happy when we won but didn’t know how to take home the fridge. I suggested a taxi, but the fridge was too big. Then we decided to go back on our motorcycles like you can see in the pictures.’'

Both the two lads on the motorbike and the fridge made it home in one piece.

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