Brave Police Officers Rescue Unfortunate Dog From Freezing Water

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: January 4, 2018639 views
Published: January 4, 2018

A heartwarming video has emerged of a puppy rescue mission when one police officer received a call and had to get down on all fours in ice and snow in order to save a pup that fell through the frozen pond.

To bring the dog back to shore the team secured one police officer with a rope and sent him out onto the frozen water. The ice was so thin that the poor pooch fell through, but thanks to the quick intervention, the officer was able to recover the dog and pull it back to safety.

People should be reminded to proceed with caution near ice and keep pets and children away from frozen water. It should be noted that ice freezes at varying thicknesses and shouldn’t be taken for granted because accident could happen.

The young pup had probably slipped down the water pit overnight and couldn’t climb back up to the surface. Supposedly, his owner called the rescue officers to help her save the little pup!

Using ropes and a harness, one man slided down the pit and pulled the hapless animal out. In a swift maneuver, the man first lifted the puppy up to the surface and climbed up with the help of the rope. The poor dog was shaking with cold, it was also incredibly dirty with muck and wet, from spending the night in that frozen pond.

This Good Samaritan completed his rescue mission with flying colors and brought the unfortunate puppy back to his owners and to safety! Good job, team!

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