Dog Watching Baseball Knocks Over TV

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Published: January 4, 2018Updated: January 6, 2018

We think that we can’t stress enough how much dogs are absolutely awesome. Don’t get us wrong, all pets are amazing, but dogs are something else. They can be our best friends, our fiercest protectors, our shoulder to cry on and even the best medication to all of our problems. But if there is one thing they are extremely good at, it’s their ability to make us laugh until we cry.

Dogs don’t communicate with words but what they don’t achieve in speech, they make up for in actions. A simple tilt of the head means that they are utterly confused by something that we’ve said or done, a scratch on the bedroom door means that someone’s forgotten to fill up the water and food in the bowl and an attack on your TV while there is baseball on means that it’s high time you took your dog outside to play.

This owners had the laughs of their entire lives when they were watching baseball on TV one day. The footage showed the batter waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball but instead was nudged by these owners’ dog into the back wall and left to fall on the ground in the living room. The dog probably thought that the pitcher was throwing the little ball towards him to play and was anxiously trying to catch it but ended up hitting the flat screen of the TV. Thankfully the owner had quick reflexes and managed to save the TV from smashing on the ground. The doggo was so embarrassed that he ran away from the room as fast as possible.

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