Miracle Puppy Born With Face Deformities Defies All Odds To Survive

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Published: January 4, 2018

Adorable Pit Bull puppy born with a cleft lip and palate, in addition to a long list of health problems, has defied all the odds to survive. Meet little Sasha, the miracle puppy with a strong will to live.

Despite of the face deformities and brain disorder, this feisty tiny pup defies all odds to survive. Born in September, Sasha was unable to nurse and immediately had to undergo a brain surgery. However, she is not a quitter and has bravely pushed through all the difficulties and managed to get another chance at life. She is now living in a lovely home in Westchester County, New York.

Litter's owner called SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast, a center for animals with special needs in New York to help this unfortunate pup. The rescue center then contacted Marie DeMarco, a nurse practitioner who normally looks after cats with special needs, for help with tube feeding the small puppy, who couldn't nurse because of the cleft lip and palate.

Sasha had to undergo a life saving surgery because of the hydrocephalus and the fact that her brain was about a third of its natural size. In addition, Sasha had difficulty walking, breathing problems and developed a urinary tract infection. Last but not least, she suffered four consecutive seizures in one day before she was rushed to the emergency. Talk about life giving you lemons!

Foster owner DeMarco calls Sasha a 'miracle' for surviving against all these odds. Despite of her numerous medical conditions, she has shown such an amazing and strong will to live. This miracle puppy has overcome so much in her short and fragile life that she deserves to be praised.

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