Snowmobilers Dig Out Moose Stuck In Newfoundland Snow

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Published: January 3, 2018

What started as a trip to check the conditions after a heavy snowfall turned into an impromptu rescue mission in western Newfoundland, when a group of snowmobilers noticed the head of moose that got stuck in the 6 feet of snow.

“We weren’t sure what it was at first, but when we looked closer it was a full-size bull moose, up to his neck – literally – in snow.” said Jonathan Anstey of Sledcore snowmobiling riding clinic.

Apparently, the animal got stuck in a bog hole covered with snow and it was frantically fighting to find its footing, but in vain. So, on December 30, these snowmobilers knew they had one job left to do in the deep snow. They grabbed their shovels and started working quickly, clearing a walking path for the moose to escape.

The CBC reported the group was snowmobiling on a trail north of Deer Lake, located outside of Gros Morne National Park, when they spotted the moose’s head. Some of the riders left the area, but Jonathan Anstey, who was with the group and took photos, told the CBC that his group felt comfortable “stepping in” to help the animal.

“I wouldn’t suggest anybody else try it, but in this situation we felt comfortable doing what we did,” said Jonathan. “Moose, when they get agitated, they pin their ears back flat and the hair stands up on their back and they lick their lips aggressively. So he was doing all these things.”

A few minutes later a path was cleared behind the animal to help him escape. The snowmobilers then moved about 50 feet away, watching as the moose crawled out of its trap. It stuck around for a few seconds, shaking itself off. “And then he gave us a look or two and trotted on his way,” said Anstey.

Credit: Andrew Emberley/Sledcore via Storyful

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