Clumsy Penguin Has Us All In Stitches When He Walks Over Sleeping Seal

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Published: January 3, 2018Updated: January 7, 2018

We all know what it’s like waking up on a cold winter morning. You pray that the temperature in your bedroom is somewhat bearable while you rest cocooned inside your blanket. You dread the thought of having to step on the cold hardwood floor but you know that that is the only way you’ll wake yourself up enough to start the day.

The first few minutes of cold arctic air blasting your sleepy body are enough to make you shudder and wake up with a start, although your brain is not so eager to get on the wake up train. The coffee pot is calling for you and you run towards it, only to stumble every few inches on your feet. Foot coordination seems to be off, but once the sweet brown ambrosia hits your palate, everything is back on track and you’re ready to get on with your day.

Well, unfortunately for this little feathery fellow, coffee is not an option. The closest thing he gets to a blanket are the cuddles he gets from his other penguin friends, trying to share body heat in order to warm up. The constant freezing temperatures make him a bit clumsy, but oh so endearing.

We can see him walking on a rocky beach stumbling from one rock to the other while trying to hold his stiff body upright. What makes his walk funny is the fact that he mistook a big grey seal for a rock, and we can’t really blame him. The resemblance is uncanny. We’re just glad that the seal wasn’t too agitated and left the little guy alone. The second penguin to walk the same path was wise not to repeat the mistakes of his buddy. It just doesn’t get cuter than this.

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