Dog Unwraps Puppy Surprise And It's The Cutest Thing

Published January 3, 2018 70,740 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis adorable doggy must have been on Santa’s nice list this year, after being surprised with an equally cute furry pup companion. 12-year-old golden retriever Cash has been a little lonely over the past few years, after owner Marie Ahonen’s another dog, Rosie, died suddenly three years ago. But the family’s sudden loss didn’t stop Cash FROM being the good boy he's always been - so Marie decided to reward his good behavior with a special surprise from Santa. Walking into the lounge with a neatly wrapped box, Cash is noticeably excited as he begins sniffing the box while following into the room, on December 8th.

Christmas presents are not only for humans, but for their pets as well! Most animal lovers out there will agree with this. Many pet owners are conscientious not to forget their pets for the holidays and treat them with a suitable present. Such is the case with this lucky pooch, who's in for a surprise of a lifetime when he's about to open his early Christmas gift. He's clueless regarding the content inside, and that's the reason why he's so eager to rip the decorating paper even faster!

Boy is he in for a surprise! It seems like his gift can bark and make doggy sounds! It's the cutest puppy, and our pooch hero here can't hide his joy! He starts kissing the pupper and right after he's finished cuddling him, he turns to the camera in excitement and starts barking, as if he's trying to say 'I want him forever here!' This melted our hearts!

Ahonen explained her family has always had more than one dog until Rosie, their Chihuahua-mix, died three years ago.

"They were best friends," she said. "Ever since she’s been gone he’s just slowed way down." You can see on the video the excitement and the sparkle back at her eyes for her new buddy — such an amazing and touching story.

One of the best parts of life is having best friends to share your memories with. Most people have at least one person who they know they can trust more than anyone else—whether it’s for guidance, reassurance, or to have a great adventure. When this dog lost his companion, his buddy, his BFF he was heart-broken.

Splitting up a pair of bonded dogs often can be extremely stressful to the furry cuties. This doggy didn’t know how to cope with his loss until he got his new buddy.

Golden retrievers are amazing, loving family dogs who love to spend time with their family, playing games, fetch, taking walks in the park and enjoying time together.

They are cheerful, athletic, steady-tempered and so peaceful with other animals and are genuinely Golden dogs with the perfect character. Typical Golden Retrievers are active, and fun-loving animals that will make your life full with love and excitement and they also are compatible with other dogs and cats so you can have more added to your animal family, which means even more love in your life!

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