Enchanted Baby Cannot Take His Tiny Eyes Off His Mother’s Face

NewsflarePublished: January 3, 20182,703 views
Published: January 3, 2018

A heartwarming footage has emerged of a baby staring at his mother with pure excitement. This adorable clip was filmed in Connecticut on April 7, featuring a baby staring at his mother adoringly while she tries to watch TV. The little cutie won’t take his eyes off the loving face of his mother not even for a second.

Footage, filmed in West Main Street, Middlesex County shows the cute baby boy lovingly gazing at his mother while they cuddle in bed. The baby is resting its head on mother’s shoulder and is barely blinking, overwhelmed by the marvellous sight of his mother’s appearance. He is enchanted by his mother’s look and he knows how to show it!

This baby’s stare is the pure definition of unconditional love. He looks at his mother with warm eyes and giggly smile. After a while, his mother feels uncomfortable, having them baby eyes fixated on her face for over a minute. She tells his baby son to stop staring at her with such an excitement. However, this baby boy is so in love with his mother that he won’t even blink because he cannot take his tiny loving eyes off his mommy’s face.

Little Ryder is showing us the perfect example of what pure love looks like. He won’t look away from his mom not even for a second. Stephanie cannot help but laugh as her baby boy won’t stop staring at her, he is so cute, there are no words to describe it!

One of the purest and sweetest forms of love is the bond between a mother and her child, and this video is the perfect example of that! What a precious moment to capture for a lifetime! This kind of pure love is impossible to fake!

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