Nurse Gets Creative While Administering Shots To A Scared Kid

StoryfulPublished: January 3, 201810 views
Published: January 3, 2018

This video is certainly one that you are guaranteed to find interesting! Everyone has been at that point in their lives when they were terrified of getting a shot at the doctor’s office. This mostly occurs with younger children. Whether it is the sight of the needle, the presence of a new person the child does not know, or the momentary pain brought by the needle at the point of insertion, it is well- known that children hate getting shots for any reason. As we all grow up, we eventually realize that the shot cuts the life of the specific illness by at least fifty percent, sometimes even more than that. This video captures one of these moments perfectly. However, this video contains a bit of a different perspective on this common situation.

The video depicts a nurse who is adept at her job. She has the task of giving children their shots, so she certainly has to see and deal with her fair share of toddler break downs. She has found a new way to handle these moments, though. She has gotten very creative in finding this solution, and it actually seems to work quite well!

A nurse impressively administered three shots to a nervous kid by being creative and giving him five dollars in St. Petersburg, Florida, recently. The child’s name is Dimitri, and this child like many others would rather do anything else instead of getting these very necessary and important shots. The child’s grandmother, Tiffany, had promised him five dollars if he remained calm at the doctor’s office, but she realized upon meeting this nurse that she did not even have to worry about how this entire ordeal was going to go. Little did she know that she would be meeting a world class nurse who is an expert in her field.

All too often, the medical arena has become centrally focused too much on money and business i.e. the financial side of patient care. Too much focus has been taken away from the human aspect of patient care. Because of this, it is always a welcome and appreciated sight when one encounters medical professionals like this nurse who has brought the human quality back into the medical experience. She is not just concerned about getting a paycheck. This nurse was genuinely concerned about the welfare of her patient, Dimitri, and she did everything she could to help him through the situation. While adults may not see this as a huge deal, to the little boy this shot was the most important thing in his life at that moment.

The nurse was fantastic at keeping him occupied. The grandmother gives viewers a little more insight into the situation: “He has always had a hard time when it comes to doctor’s visits, so I told him that I would give him five dollars if he kept calm, but the M.A was phenomenal with him and helped him get through it,” explained Tiffany. However, Dimitri still made sure to tell the nurse that he did not cry, so he got his five dollars.

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