A Pack Of Raccoons Gather Around To Get A Bite Of Man’s Chips

USATODAY_Animalkind Published January 3, 2018 602 Plays

Rumble A curious video has emerged of a man feeding a bag of chips to a pack of hungry raccoons. Watch as over a dozen racoons come running out of nowhere to line up for a delicious treat.

Usually, when one person in the office has snacks everyone wants some. However, humans are not the only ones greedy for snacks. This adorable video is the perfect proof that you can lure almost any kind of animal with a bag of delicious chips.

Watch as this man opens a bag of chips and sends an unexpected bat signal to every living raccoon nearby. In a split second, dozens of raccoons come flooding from all around the neighborhood and go crazy for Doritos. This adorable footage can be used for a chips commercial as the pack of raccoons goes absolutely nuts for the bag of chips!

The woman filming this video can be heard screaming with excitement, as she couldn’t believe her eyes when dozen of raccoons invade and round up for a treat the moment a man opens a bag of chips! Incredible!

Who knew raccoons were such hungry eaters and suckers for chips! Hilarious footage shows the mind-blowing moment when a pack of over twenty raccoons comes running out of nowhere just to have a bite.

Have you ever witnessed a pack of raccoons emerging from the woods and swarming people just to get a taste of their bag of chips? Lucky for them the man in this video was more than happy to share!