Kitty Loves To Hitch Rides On His Horse Friend

Published January 3, 2018 40,383 Views

Everybody needs good neigh-bours and this horse-riding cat is no exception – pairing up with a pony for scenic rides. They may not be the most obvious equestrian duo but as this hilarious footage shows, Comet the Pony and Louis the cat make the purr-fect pair as they go on treks together.

This peculiar pair bands together to enjoy a sightseeing tour of North Devon, a coastal area in southwest England that is as picturesque as they come. The whole setting looks like a fairytale, and the stars of the video just amp up the magical vibe. Just let your imagination go wild and think of a story!

Although by now you're probably used to seeing unusual friendships between animals, like the one between a dog and a cheetah that have been best friends since they were only cubs, to this pooch that loves watching his horse friends, it's always heart-warming to observe these kinds of bonds between animals that show us that they too are capable of seeing beyond the stereotypes and love each other no matter what.

Comet the Pony and Louis the cat are just another proof that friendship knows no barriers! Just look how peaceful and amazing they are together while walking around the amazing area - it's a picture perfect moment! The kitty also demonstrates his cool balancing powers, and we have to admit - he's better that many human riders.

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