Stray Dog Sings Indian National Anthem With School Children Every Day

NewsflarePublished: January 3, 20183,084 views
Published: January 3, 2018

A stray dog joins school children in singing the national anthem every day at a school in Bellary, South India.

The students line up for morning assembly at the Wardlaw College at 9.15 every morning. After the prayers, as the Indian National Anthem begins to blare out of a loud speaker, the dog climbs the stage and starts howling. As the 52 second-long anthem ends, the dog gets up on its own and walks off.

The nearly two-year-old mongrel is a part of a pack of five stray dogs, which lives near the campus. About eight months ago, students started noticing that the dog would stand next to them when the anthem was played and wail. The howling gradually got more musical and the dog began to climb the stage to occupy the main spot, where the principal sometimes stands.

The principal of the college, Victor Emmanuel, said the dog howls only in response to the national anthem. “There are programmes where we play other kinds of music, but the dog ignores them,” he said.

Another younger dog in the pack has begun to join the patriotic dog in paying tribute to the Indian anthem. It reportedly stands at a distance and howls softly for now.

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