Pregnant Woman Bursts Into Tears Of Joy While Eating Pancakes

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Published: January 3, 2018

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, but when it comes to pregnant women, it is the other way around! With all that blood and hormones rushing through their bodies, it is no wonder pregnant women can burst into tears practically at a moment’s notice!

When heavily pregnant Lisa Piccitto from Jupiter, Florida, went on a breakfast date with her sister Renee, the two decided to grab some banana pancakes. Being pregnant with twins, Lisa couldn’t wait till they met the destination, so she popped the container open and started munching on her breakfast right there in the car.

It wouldn’t have been something spectacular, if the pancakes weren’t so good, that they brought tears to the expectant mom’s eyes! Lisa cries tears of joy with each bite of that sugary goodness that she tucks into her mouth! “It’s really, really, really good, you guys have to try this!” says the hungry woman. Wow, three really’s, huh?

Renee knew that this is the moment to be caught on camera. While her big sister slobbers with her favorite comfort food, Renee whipped out her phone and started recording what can only be described as pure gold of a footage. We all have seen pregnant women behaving wildly in the last few weeks before term. But watching a woman fall apart at the seams because of those golden, delicious pancakes with crunchy topping and syrup drenched bananas is really something!

These must be some good pancakes!

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