Italian Grandmother Struggles To Use Google Home Device

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Published: January 2, 2018

We all know the struggle with electronics and people that are in their older age. How difficult it can be to grasp the whole idea and even find them self using this technology. This video here perfectly interprets the idea of introducing an elderly to an electronic device. The crazy part is the her family have even gone couple steps further and introduced her to the Google Talk back feature.

A grandmother gifted a Google Home device for Christmas got to grips with her new gadget over the holidays and a video of her strained attempts to control the device, through her thick Italian accent, has gone viral online. In the video, Maria Actis family gathered around her as she repeated "Hey Goo Goo" over and over again, having no success in getting a response from the Google Home gadget.

Finally, after asking about the weather, Actis finally gets a reply which causes her to jump out of her chair and say "I"m scared, it's a mystery". Oh my gosh, much to her family's delight. Ben Actis captured a video of his grandmother and shared it online, where it soon blew up. The Actis family have Ben's girlfriend, Becky Siegel, to thank for the funny moment as she gave Bem's grandmother the device for Christmas.

Must watch to even grasp this hilarious situation!

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