Leaking Pipe At Abandoned Building Creates Ten-Meter-High Frozen Waterfall

NewsflarePublished: January 2, 2018442 views
Published: January 2, 2018

An amazing footage has emerged from northeastern China of a ten-metre-high frozen waterfall formed off a balcony in an abandoned building due to a leaking water pipe.

Footage, shot in Anshan City in Liaoning Province on December 26, features an icy waterfall that was miraculously formed on the outside of an apartment block as water was leaking off a balcony.

According to reports, a water pipe started to leak in October 2017, but it is surprising how no one noticed it until the water turned into a giant frozen waterfall. The building may be deserted but it sure took a lot of time for this amazing waterfall to form? It sure looks like the work of an artist! So majestic and so beautiful!

This abandoned building in China went viral overnight for its frozen waterfall as due to a pipe leak. This ice wonderland will leave you left for words as it is a complete marvel of nature.

Water from the leaking pipe froze over and covered the side of an abandoned building in China with a 30 feet of ice. Reports show that the building had water leaking inside it since October but people only noticed when the water froze over. We wonder where will all that water go when ice starts to melt.

Footage shows a frozen waterfall spreading over a tall abandoned building in China and the sight is quite stunning. It shows the waterfall starting from a window or balcony of the building and going all the way down to the ground. The entire waterfall is completely frozen! Locals have visited this building to check out the ice wonderland and enjoy this phenomenon!

Dubbed as ‘frozen waterfall’, this sight looks quite enthralling like a scene from any fantasy movie. The frozen waterfall has now become an attraction and people are visiting the place to catch a glimpse of it. This ice wonderland looks like a scene from “Frozen”. Amazing!

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