Brave Man Rescues Elderly Woman Trapped In Icy River

NewsflarePublished: January 2, 20181,361 views
Published: January 2, 2018

Remarkable video from China of a brave man risking his own life to rescue a 70-year-old woman trapped in a frozen river. The footage, filmed in Baoding City in Hebei Province in northern China on December 26, shows the 54-year-old man named Shi Lei spreading himself on the river of ice and grabbing at the woman, who appears unable to help herself and is in shock.

At one point in the video, he smashes the ice around the woman with his bare hands to free the woman, then pulls the elderly woman out of the freezing water. In one heart-stopping moment, the woman's head disappears below the surface of the water before she re-emerges. Afraid that the lady might sink further, Shi Lei jumped into the freezing water in order to instead push the woman out.

Another man walks to the Good Samaritan holding a plank and tries to help him. Behind the two men, a group of people is holding what appears to be a hose, to help drag the men out of the icy water if need be.

After the woman was rescued, nearby residents brought coats and blankets to help warm the woman up. The men who pulled her out of the frozen river checked to make sure she is responsive and okay.

She was eventually taken home by Shi and reunited with her relatives.

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