Nutty professor dad fills inflatable flamingo with hydrogen and then lights it

NewsflarePublished: January 2, 2018
Published: January 2, 2018

A self-styled "nutty professor" dad from Australia on Tuesday filled and inflatable flamingo with hydrogen, lifted it into the air with a drone and then set it on fire.

Science teacher Jacob Strickling, who is the creator of the popular YouTube channel 'Make Science Fun', suffered a major mishap during the "experiment" in the garden of a home in Gosford, Australia.

Strickling managed to bring the drone, which was attached by strings to the hydrongen-filled flamingo, crashing to the ground, breaking a propellor.

When the drone was fixed, Strickling inserted a lit party sparkler into the flamingo and launched it into the air again.

The hydrogen ignited with a jet of flame and after a short time there was a small explosion as the rest of the hydrogen caught.

"If you're wondering why it didn't 'blow up' it's because there was limited oxygen available for the hydrogen to burn," Strickling wrote online.

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