Neymar Junior Accidentally Launches His Shoe Into The Waters Of The Persian Gulf

NewsflarePublished: January 2, 2018
Published: January 2, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged showing the funny moment when Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr accidentally boots his own shoe into the sea during a PR stunt in Doha.

Namely, Neymar and his teammates were in the Qatari capital for a training camp just before Christmas because of PSG’s close connections with the middle-eastern state i.e. they are owned by Qatar Sports Investments.

Footage shows as Neymar and his fellow colleagues put balls into the sea from a floating pitch, trying to launch the football as far as they can into the distance. However, Neymar launched one so hard that it took his shoe with it into the Persian Gulf. Watch as camera shows the flying shoe in the blue Doha skies, as the star is left dazzled and confused by the unexpected outcome!

Apparently, this incident wasn't contrived for the camera, because the roars of laughter from Neymar's teammates sound genuine. Needless to say, his teammates didn't hold back with the laughter and bursted into tears of joy!

Sometimes, kicking a football for a promotional video can go badly wrong, even for the best footballers in the world. Do you think that the Brazilian striker is ashamed for his failure? The second when he booted the ball, his shoe flew off and landed in the water, leaving teammates in awe and fits of laughter!

Reportedly, following the incident, Neymar’s famous footwear had to be fished out of the water and dried out. Incident or not, the players seemed to enjoy their trip out over the water and had a nice time in Doha indeed!


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