Breathtaking POV of kayayer running Norway's "tunnel rapid"

NewsflarePublished: December 31, 20171,623 views
Published: December 31, 2017

A breathtaking video has emerged from Norway of a kayaker running a unique, wild section of river known as "The Tunnel Rapid."

In the POV clip, German kayaker Adrian Mattern paddles into the white water of the river in Voss and confidently steers his way down a terrifying section of rapids before suddenly entering a tunnel.

In near darkness, Mattern now shoots fast through the tunnel and emerges a few seconds later in the bright sunshine on the other side.

"The entire rivers gets squeezed through a tunnel underneath train-rails, sending the kayaker on wild and fast ride into the dark," Mattern wrote online.

"This is for sure one of the most unique rivers features ever," he added.

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