Huge Frozen Ice Balls Rolling Onto Lake Michigan Shore

NewsflarePublished: December 30, 201720,441 views
Published: December 30, 2017

A curious video has emerged of huge balls of ice washing up on a portion of the shore of Lake Michigan. This clip was filmed at the pier of St Joseph Lighthouse on December 29, the particularly large ice balls are seen being tossed around by the waves in the lake.

Footage shows unique ice balls forming along the shore of Lake Michigan. It is believed that these balls form when chunks break off massive ice sheets on the lake in winter. They gain their shape as waves in the lake ceaselessly toss them about, slowly rolling them into spheres. Have you ever seen ice balls in this size? Marvellous nature!

The low cold temperatures in Michigan caused the lake to turn into a pile of giant ice balls rolling around the freezing water. Incredible footage shows that Lake Michigan has turned into a sea of ice balls.

It is actually the deep freeze in the US that causes an unusual sight on the shores of Lake Michigan as huge ice boulders wash onto beaches. The polar vortex which has gripped North America in sub-zero temperatures has brought with it a natural phenomenon on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Watch as the huge, basketball-size balls of ice wash up by the lakeside town of Glen Arbor in Michigan. This phenomenon occurs when the lake water temperature is just a little bit below freezing, which forms small pieces of ice in the water which are carried around as the waves move back and forth, adding additional water and freezing in layers. Amazing!

As the frozen balls grow bigger and bigger, they eventually become big balls of ice, that are pushed to the shore by the wind and waves. These "ice balls" or "ice boulders" are a regular phenomenon in the Great Lakes during winter.

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