First Deaths of Iran Anti-Government Protests Reported in Lorestan

StoryfulNewsPublished: December 30, 2017
Published: December 30, 2017

At least three people were reported killed and others injured in a shooting by police during an anti-government protest in Dorud, Iran, on Saturday, December 30. Demonstrators were said to be heard shouting, “death to Rouhani,” and “death to Khamenei,” the country’s two top leaders. Saturday marked the second day of anti-government protests in Iran, which have spread to several major cities, including the capital, Tehran. These deaths would be the first to be reported among the demonstrations. At first, the protests were characterized as being against high food prices, corruption, and the cost to the country by participating in the Syrian and Yemeni wars. As demonstrations have progressed, however, chanted slogans have become more specifically anti-clerical, calling for an end to theocratic rule. Credit: Twitter/Anonymous

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