Elks Rescued From Icy Reservoir in Wyoming

StoryfulWeather Published December 30, 2017 20 Plays

Rumble Several elk were rescued after falling through ice on the Palisades Reservoir, near Alpine, Wyoming, on December 29. In a Facebook post, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department credited the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies, the Wyoming Department of Transportation and around 25 people from the local community for stepping up to help rescue the 13 elk and get them to safety. “The ice on the reservoir is weaker in some locations, likely due to some thermal springs underneath the surface, and the elk fell in,” the post said. “Luckily, the elk fell in 20 yards from the shoreline which allowed us to open up a path in the ice back to shore.” Video footage posted by Dusty Jones, a local resident, shows a number of people pulling an elk from the reservoir. Credit: Facebook/Dusty Jones via Storyful