Monkey reluctantly gives up the goods

MisfitlandPublished: December 29, 2017Updated: January 2, 2018391 plays$1.12 earned
Published: December 29, 2017Updated: January 2, 2018

This Monkey, Angel Bullock, is SNEEKY and has old world pouches in her mouth to store her stolen goods in... When I realized the socket was gone off the end of the ratchet I knew it had to be in her pocket ... as you can see I was right.. this time she didn't make me beg her and chase her too far.. she easily gave it up but then wanted it back asking with her cute little hand gestures for me to give it back... After I thought about it I decided she really couldn't harm herself or it and gave it back.. I have an awful lot of trouble telling her no... She owns me..

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