Gift Of Corrective Glasses For Colorblind Coworker Leaves Everyone In Tears

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Published: December 29, 2017

It's always lovely to hear about an inspirational story such as this. We always hear about good doings from people and some way these stories find to place a smile on our face. So, here we have quite the story for you today. We all need a little help sometimes that's for certain. But never could one expect to get such a life changing gift fro the people they work with. The trend of these glasses has been going around for quite the while and so came Cole's time to get his hands on a pair.

Chris Fisher and his co-workers at the Sonic Drive-In, Arkansas, had a very special surprise for their colleague Cole Williams this Christmas. Williams, who is colorblind, was gifted Enchroma glasses and his reaction to the present has gone viral. In a local media interview, Fisher put the idea down to viewing inspirational footage of others receiving their Enchroma glasses. Making sure he was Williams workplace Secret Santa when the time came to make the draw at the restaurant, Fisher then went about convincing colleagues that they should pool money together to help Williams see color properly for the first time. Williams tearful reaction to getting the glasses (which retails from approximately $349 upwards) was caught on video and had over 240,000 views at the time of writing.

Like many of the people out there that have seen this video and been left in joy tears, yourself also must take a look at this heartwarming moment. At the end of the day we all wish to have such caring colleges that would go out of there way to make us this happy.

Please take a look at this wonderful and inspirational story!

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