Adorable Taiwanese baby starts crying when mom demands candy back

NewsflarePublished: December 29, 2017
Published: December 29, 2017

Funny video from Taiwan of a 10-month-old baby girl crying whenever her mom asks for her candy back.

In the video, filmed in May 2015, 10-month-old Queena is holding a piece of candy while her mum is repeatedly asking for to give it back to her.

Queena gets upset and cries, going to great lengths to avoid handing it over, even wriggling away and trying to hide under a huge blow-up "Minions" doll.

When the candy is taken from her, she begins to cry. She is only consoled when she gets the candy back.

Queena's mother told Newsflare that she recognised the wrapping of the piece of candy but didn't realise it had to be opened and was for eating.

She says: "When she got the candy, we want(ed) to help her to open it. But she cannot let it go and says 'no' in Chinese. This is her first time that she says that word - we were very surprised."

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