Stunning sea smoke rises off Lake Superior in brutal cold snap

NewsflarePublished: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017
Published: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017

Stunning video showing sea smoke rise from Lake Superior as temperatures plunged across many parts of the US.

In video filmed on December 26, beautiful steam-like plumes rise from the surface of the lake and even forming flame-like illuminations from the lighthouse as ice formed along Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.

Forecasters have warned US citizens to be wary of the arctic blast hitting a large section of the country, from the Midwest to the northeast, according to reports

Writes the filmer: "The morning was a breathtaking -17°F (-27°C) ambient temperature (-40°F windchill) by Lake Superior, and sea smoke was abundant.

"Sea smoke is a winter fog that forms from evaporative cooling of the lake. When the frigid air moves over the comparatively warmer water, steam-like plumes rise from the surface and gracefully glide across the lake, eventually forming clouds that can deliver lake effect snow.

"Our timing was fortunate during this shoot, and we were able to observe flame-like illuminations on the lighthouse. We have concluded that it was caused by the sun's rays being reflected off the top right window of the lighthouse and back-lighting the passing sea smoke.

"We enjoyed the flame effect on such a frigid morning!"

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