Witty Dad Finds Creative Ways To Give Children $100 In Cash For Christmas

NewsflarePublished: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017933 views
Published: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017

An amazing Christmas gift surprise video has emerged from a family in North Carolina featuring all the creative ways an inventive dad has come up with to present his children with $100 in cash. He went out of his ways and put a big smile on their faces!

Every year, Elena Rehberg's dad Henry gives her and her siblings a generous Christmas present of $100 in cash. Instead of stuffing it inside a Christmas card, her dad always comes up with a new weird and funny way to give cash.

In the video, filmed on Christmas Eve, we see all four children open their own $100 present, wrapped in unexpected ways. First we see Elena's sister Hannah pull out $100 out of a tissue box, pulling one bill after another like a magic trick. Next, Elena receives a black umbrella and opens it only to find $100 in notes hanging from it. It’s raining money!

Then, sister Drew opens a box of pizza containing $100 inside it, perfectly placed in the shape of a real pizza, containing bills and coins with a note that reads "As a college student/athlete, you cannot live on El Cerro and Pizza alone, so here's some dough. (It's gluten free.)"

Last but not least, dad gave his son Aaron a white foam container with a huge brick of ice inside it. Look at his face as he unwraps the block of ice with the $100 bill inside it, perfectly preserved in the ice block to be used only in rainy days! It is "Cold hard cash," says the cheeky dad. How creative!

Elena wrote online "My dad gives all his kids $100 every year in a weird way and this year he went all in." It must be very fun around this caring and witty father!

You may think that only people who cannot think of any other way to surprise their loved ones give cash as a Christmas present, many times it being considered as a boring and uncreative way. However, this video is a proof that it is about finding the right way to present people with cash that makes it super entertaining!

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