Disappearing Train Runs Through Block Of Flats In Crowded China

NewsflarePublished: December 28, 20172,391 views
Published: December 28, 2017

How would you like to have a train station directly beneath your apartment? A bizarre video has emerged from Chongqing, China showing an overground railway line which travels right through an apartment block. Amazing!

According to local news reports, planners were forced to route the train line through the apartment block due to the mountainous terrain. There is even a small station beneath the building, making it very convenient for residents. Having a train stop underneath your flat is pretty amazing indeed!

Of course, a noise reduction equipment was immediately installed at the station in order to keep residents at peace and leave them undisturbed. The train reportedly runs on rubber tyres with air suspension units, and produce a mere 75.8 decibels of sound which is 10 dB above a normal conversation. It is a win-win situation!

Architects and planners in crowded Chinese cities have come up with a new idea to make room for the essential train route by building rails through buildings. Crazy right?

Watch as this incredible train 'disappears' through block of flats in China's mountain city of Chongquing. It is genuine magic!

It is amazing how these unusual train track pass directly through the residential building. This creative solution finally solved the problem with the lack of space in this city packed with skyscrapers.

Chongquing is the home of more than 33 million residents therefore city planners had to find some creative infrastructure solutions for the limited space and they found the perfect solution.

Footage shows the ingenious way of building a new railway track without demolishing people's homes and a neat solution to having transportation at residents’ feet. Incredible design!

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