UK man drills finger wound to 'release pressure' after trapping it in door

NewsflarePublished: December 28, 2017
Published: December 28, 2017

Shocking video from the UK of a man getting a wound in his finger DRILLED.

In the video, filmed in Cobham, Surrey on December 23, the power drill hovers over the man's bloody wound at the end of his finger, which had been shut in the front door.

"Am I really doing this?" the injured man asks.

"Yep," says the man holding the drill.

The man's friend then starts up the drill and makes contact with the wound.

"There it goes," says one of the men, as blood starts to ooze from the wound.

"Bit more please," says the injured man at the end of the clip.

He later wrote online: "Shut my finger in the front door and needed to drill it to release the pressure."

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