Flight Instructor Shows Applaudable Maneuvering Skills

Newsflare Published December 28, 2017 239,785 Plays

Rumble A heart-stopping footage has emerged showing the moment a flight instructor narrowly avoids a mid-air collision with a private jet west of Eastbourne, UK. Footage, captured on March 7, shows the small plane veering to the right in order to avoid the oncoming plane which appeared out of nowhere.

Learning how to fly a plane is not a simple thing to do. It takes a lot of training and skills in order to complete the process and become a certified pilot yourself. Trainees are often accompanied by their instructors when flying their planes, even after they have completed the classes and gained some experience.

Watch as this experienced instructor puts his reflexes into action and avoids the dangerous mid-air collision. The instructor had only seconds to react and fortunately prevented a mid-air collision with the jet. What could have been a serious disaster was stopped and nobody got hurt!

While conducting a flight training in uncontrolled airspace a mile or two west of Eastbourne when a private jet appeared out of the blue and caused a little turbulence in the jet. Fast reflexes saved the day!

A mid-air collision is an aviation accident in which two or more aircraft come into unplanned contact during flight. Owing to the relatively high velocities involved and the likelihood of subsequent impact with the ground or sea, very severe damage or the total destruction of at least one of the aircraft involved usually results.

The potential for a mid-air collision is increased by miscommunication, mistrust, error in navigation, deviations from flight plans, and the lack of collision-avoidance systems. Although a rare occurrence in general due to the vastness of open space available, collisions often happen near or at airports, where large volumes of aircraft are spaced more closely than in general flight.

When on the topic of excitement, adrenaline rushes and all sorts of daredevilry, you just have to look at this next video of these brave daredevils who were free climbing on a 2,165-foot skyscraper!

This is the amazing duo called ‘ On the roofs’ by Vitaliy Raskalov & Vadim Makhorov. They explore the world in a way that is unfathomable to most: they scale its tallest buildings, bridges, and industrial structures with no safety equipment, and there, up high, they take some spectacular photographs. At their core, their photos capture not only the stunning beauty of the world’s most famous cities from unique angles and viewpoints but also the very moment of scaling the summit, transmitting the accompanying wide range of emotions.

There is a sense of elation of achieving a goal, the happiness of pushing beyond personal limits and fears as well as savoring the deadly danger. The euphoric rush is probably just like a drug — every next rooftop also brings about a new daring plan to conquer yet another one. Chances are, they find it hard to live in between the ascents.

"On the Roofs" traveled to Shenzhen, China and scaled the 2,165 foot Ping An International Finance Centre to capture these jaw-dropping images. The skyscraper, which is currently under-construction, is expected to be the 4th world’s tallest building and second tallest in China!