This Family Bonds By Creating Mesmerizing Colored Sand Murals At The Beach

Caters_NewsPublished: December 28, 2017Updated: December 30, 201760 views
Published: December 28, 2017Updated: December 30, 2017

One awesome family decided to balance out the overwhelming images of negativity that get thrown at us in everyday life, by drawing incredibly detailed murals in the sands at Newport Beach, California!

When Laura Wright was enjoying a day at the beach with the family in Newport in 2015, she just picked up a stick and started drawing flower shapes in the sand. When her daughter Darla saw how her mom’s doodle brought joy to passers-by, she joined in on the art. Along with her cousins Kaitlyn Butler and Mila Martin, the girls added their own touches to the improvised sketches.

Calling themselves the Low Tide Aliens, the creative collective descends on the beach twice a month to carve their messages of positivity into the sand, using only drumsticks and eco-friendly colored sand. Though the messages are often intended to be subtle and non-political, the LTA’s signature piece came in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, showing a phoenix rising from the ashes to encourage others “not to give up,” the family said.

Laura hopes that continuing the project will let her daughter find value in talent, rather than looks on social media, adding: “In a world where a woman’s worth is many times tied to her appearance, the fact they [Laura’s daughter and nieces] gain positive attention in social media and in the real-life world through exposing their talents within, rather than their outward appearances is so important.

“They all take approximately two hours to make, and we start and hour before the lowest tide. There is nothing of value, nothing to sell, nothing to critique, nothing to hang up on the wall or display once the tide comes up – that feels very liberating.”

Sandy Warhol would be proud!

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