Nice Listed Doggy Is Surprised With A Furry Puppy For Christmas

Published December 27, 2017 286,635 Views

Rumble Adorable footage has emerged of a Golden Retriever being rewarded with a nice gift for being such a good boy. Namely, Cash, the 12-year-old pooch, was feeling lonely after losing his friend, Rosie, so owners decided to present him with a puppy for Christmas. Watch as he cannot contain his excitement!

This is the precious moment when a pet dog opens his Christmas present to find a tiny puppy inside the box. Cash was up for a big surprise when he notices that something is moving inside the gift box!

Poor Cash was left devastated after his companion died suddenly three years ago, so his owners decided to treat him this Christmas as a reward for his excellent behavior and to stop him from getting lonely.

Marie Ahonen, from Ortonville, Michigan, filmed the heartwarming moment when her partner brought their new pet into the room. Cash can be seen sniffing around the box with excitement before the lid pops open and the pooch appears. What a joyous moment!

Footage shows Cash waiting patiently at the door as owner enters the room carrying a tiny box. Moments later, Cash can be seen excitedly circling the box after owner puts it down on the carpet. Then, the lid lifts off as the puppy lifts his head, revealing the golden-furred pooch sitting inside.

Cash sniffs his new friend with his nose and these two appear to bond instantly. This excited pooch cannot contain his excitement and is delighted with his new gift. Next, Marie's partner lifts the tiny ball of fur out of the cardboard box and sets him down on the floor so they can play together.

Watch as the curious dog sniffs around the neatly wrapped box only to find an equally adorable companion inside — good thing Cash was on Santa’s ‘nice list’ this year and can now cure his loneliness with his new furry friend. These two will get along perfectly fine!

Dogs can form friendships with other dogs, and those kind of bonds are priceless, you can’t put a tag on that kind of friendship! We can’t even imagine how much fun will have these doggies. Just image all the games they can play together, like war-of-tug, hide and seek, fetch, and they take naps together.

Isn’t Christmas just wonderful? It’s the most beautiful time of the year. The day to spend with our family, our friends and of course our pets. Now, this little guy can spend Christmas with his family and his new friend.

Would you like to get a puppy for Christmas? Wouldn’t that be the perfect gift? We think that is so amazing that these people are getting presents for their dog too, that makes him feel more special and indeed part of the family.

Dogs do deserve a present, and they deserve all the gifts and the world because they are the most magnificent creatures in the world. You know, a dog can snap you out of any bad mood, and they will always take care of you and make you smile!