Macaulay Culkin "saves Christmas" with Home Alone tricks in wresting match

NewsflarePublished: December 27, 2017
Published: December 27, 2017

Actor Macaulay Culkin got mixed up in a festive pro wrestling match earlier this month and used some tricks straight out of his hit film "Home Alone" to rescue Santa Claus and save Christmas.

With Santa in trouble at Bar Wrestling in Baldwin Park, California on December 14, the child star suddenly got up from his seat and tipped a bucket of marbles into the ring, taking out baddies Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas.

As chants of "Home Alone!" rang out around the venue, Hornswoggle then called Culkin into the ring. The two squared up to each other for a few moments before Culkin gave his diminutive opponent a shove in the chest, sending him falling to the canvas.

Culkin now climbed up onto the ropes and The World's Cutest Tag Team (Candice LRae and Joey Ryan) handed him a bucket on a string.
As the dazed Hornswoggle wandered towards Culkin, the actor swung the Home Alone booby trap into his opponent's face, knocking him again to the canvas.

In a moment of incredible daring, Culkin now leapt from the ropes "splashing" the recumbent Hornswoggle. With the match now as good as won, Culkin let Santa (Dick Justice) pin Hornswoggle for the three count and finally save Christmas.

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