Car Gets Caught Inside Reported Tornado Southwest of Kingaroy

StoryfulWeatherPublished: December 26, 2017
Published: December 26, 2017

A group of friends captured dramatic footage of themselves being caught inside a tornado southwest of Kingaroy on December 26 during a powerful storm that swept through the Burnett region. The Australian reported cricket ball-sized hailstones and a supercell thunderstorm raged through southeast Queensland on Boxing Day. While the Bureau of Meteorology could not confirm the presence of a tornado, there were reports of roofs being ripped from homes with recorded wind speeds of 120 kph. This video, recorded by Jayden O’Connell, shows the inside of supercell. “We were at a friend’s house earlier and suddenly the big storm [rolled] in, so we immediately tried to beat it,” O’Connell said, adding what should’ve been a short 10-kilometre trip home took them two hours. “Definitely was a brown pants moment. Obviously we didn’t beat it, so we rode it out.” Credit: Facebook/Jayden O’Connell via Storyful

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