Police Rescue Dog From Freezing Water

USATODAY_Humankind Published December 26, 2017 447 Plays

Rumble In an act of utmost bravery, a police officer gets down on all fours in ice and snow to save pup who fell through frozen pond. Being brave is not measured by how fearless you are in stressful situations, but how far you're willing to go to save those in need of saving. Some may argue that it was just a dog, but a dog's life has its worth, and while the situation was only a slight inconvenience for the police officers, it made all the difference for the hapless pooch.

In the video we can clearly see the dog in distress while it tries to swim toward the people, giving its best so it can survive. With the help from the selfless police officer, the dog is then taken out of the freezing water and brought to safety.

Taking action when you see an animal in need of help is the most noble thing you can do, because animals don't have a voice so they need us to speak for them. We hope that this lovely pooch soon finds his forever home where he can spend his days giving love and affection to a family that will love him and keep him warm. At least the pooch got the proper care for the time being, so he can recuperate and be careless once again.