Defensive Doggy Duo Barks And Snarls At Snowman In Their Backyard

Caters_NewsPublished: December 26, 2017252 views
Published: December 26, 2017

Dogs are known for their defensive behavior whether they want to protect their homes or their owners. Barking and snarling is something they know how to do best, so that’s what they start doing when some unknown person comes close to them. In this case it’s the snowman, but these dogs don’t care. It’s in their backyard and he’s intruding in their territory.

On December 9, owner of Yorkie Poodle Darla and Maltese Walter, Audrey, made her first snow sculpture in 25 years, back in her garden in Belleville, New Jersey, USA. She was so excited to show her dogs the masterpiece she has done.

The minute this doggy duo saw the snowman. they got defensive. Most probably this snowy guy really isn’t worth the trust as he stands in the middle of their backyard. They instantly began snarling, despite Audrey singing ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ to her canine companions. The pair just barks louder and louder until they’re taken back inside the house.

"I did think their protectiveness was precious so I couldn’t help laughing. Walter and Darla must have thought the snowman, that I called Phillip, was a threat. The fact that Phillip didn’t make any movements forward probably meant they thought their barking was keeping him at bay. I’d been having a pretty rough week so it really cheered me up." says Audrey.

There is no place to get mad at them, as they are so cute, even though they are showing their “evil” side. However, it’s their home and they have the right to protect it.

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