Elf in car seat leads to epic dilemma - sit down or ruin Christmas

NewsflarePublished: December 23, 2017
Published: December 23, 2017

This is the hilarious moment a 4-year-old girl from Stanford, Kentucky in the USA had a meltdown after finding her "elf-on-the-shelf" in her car seat.

In the clip, which was filmed on December 17, little Molly sobs that she can't sit down because Santa's little helper is in the way.

When her father tells her to pick him up and move him, Molly counters that he will "lose his magic" as these elves are not supposed to be touched.

Molly sobs that "Christmas will be ruined" if she moves the elf because without his magic powers he won't be able to report back to Santa.

With both Molly and her father at a loss for what to do, they decide to call mom to see how she suggests they resolve the stalemate.

According to The Elf on the Shelf website, these elves are "adopted by families and fly back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa about the day’s adventures. When the elves return from their nightly North Pole journey, they hide in a new spot and wait for their families to find them!"

According to the site, the elves can indeed lose their magic if touched but Molly and her dad could have followed any of these tips to restore their elf's powers.

"1. Write a note to your elf or Santa apologizing for touching your elf. This is the most effective way to help revive your Scout Elf.

2. Sprinkle a little cinnamon next to your elf! Cinnamon is like vitamins for your elf. It will help them get back to the North Pole where the elf doctors can check them out!

3. Elves love Christmas carols! Try singing one with your family."

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