Man Of The Cloth Blows Crowd Away With His Insane Guitar Hero Skills

A fascinating video has emerged of a talented man of the cloth giving a mind-blowing solo performance on the lead guitar. Now, that is something you don’t see very often!

Check out the insane guitar skills presented by reverend Kenny Petrie and his band! Meet Mark ‘Tont’ Carroll lead singer, Fast Freddie Binding drummer, Mark Naylor on bass, and Martin Reid on the guitar from Mr. Spankey and the Hipthrusters band.

Who says that guitar and church don’t mix. This reverend is the living proof that it is a good combination indeed. Watch as this talented reverend presents a stunning performance and makes a hard-rocking cover of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers classic, "Runnin' Down a Dream."

It is amazing how this talented reverend lets loose with a mind-blowing, four-minute solo almost as soon as the video stars. The shredder is a man by the name of Father Kenneth Petrie, could you believe it? A man of the church running wild when on stage! Amazing!

If you closed your eyes and listened to this cover of “Running Down A Dream” you might swear Eddie Van Halen is on the guitar. However, the lead guitarist in the cover band Mr. Spankey and the Hipthrusters looks like your average grandpa, but a guitar hero genius is hiding behind that mild-mannered appearance.

Petrie’s technical abilities are indeed impressive, his legato is on par with Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray, while his penchant for remaining in complete control over manic, freight train solos can be compared to Zakk Wylde. The new rock star is born!

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