Overexcited Man Slips And Falls Through Skywalk Steps

NewsflarePublished: December 22, 201724,306 views
Published: December 22, 2017

A funny video has emerged of an overexcited man walking on a skywalk at Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park in southwest China. Moments later, overwhelmed with emotion, this man misses one step and falls between the steps. Scary!

Footage, shot on November 5, shows a Chinese tourist tied to a safety rope walking on a 150-metre-high skywalk and boasting, "I am a man! I am superb! I am happy" in Chinese language of course. Even for those of us who don’t understand Chinese, it is pretty clear that this man is very excited to have the honor to walk on the high skywalk!

However, he loses his footing and falls off the skywalk, slipping in between two steps, before he once again says: "I am very superb."

This both funny and scary video of a man undergoing a sudden fright when he falls in the abyss, being caught by the safety ropes attached on his body, is the perfect example that theme parks can give us the adrenaline of a lifetime.

This adventurous man got caught in the moment and somehow slipped on the steps. It is very curious how he managed to miss the step when they are so wide, but maybe it was his excitement that got him going and the words that he said kept him from falling down.

What would you do if this kind of accident were to happen to you when visiting a themed park? Would you be scared for life or will this unfortunate event give you the courage to try scarier adventure parks?

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