Flight attendant makes passengers sing 'happy birthday' during turbulence

NewsflarePublished: December 22, 201770 views
Published: December 22, 2017

Heartwarming footage of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant leading the passengers of a plane as they sing "happy birthday" to one of the travellers during rough turbulence.

The video, shot on a flight between Washington DC and Florida in October, shows the passengers turning on the lights above their heads at the end of the song to represent candles.

"Turbulence is common on the afternoon flights from Washington DC to Florida and usually the pilot says 'keep your seat belt on' and the flight attendants sit quietly and discontinue cabin service," the filmer wrote online.

"After a few big jolts of turbulence the pilot announced that he tried to find smooth air but said we'd have to deal with the bumps for the time being."

"The plane was shaking and passengers were panicked UNTIL a flight attendant shifted our moods by asking us sing. We sang Happy Birthday to a passenger to get us through the worst of the bumps," she added.

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