Police arrest principal suspect of Melbourne incident

NewsflarePublished: December 22, 2017
Published: December 22, 2017

Footage from Melbourne of the main suspect's arrest following a vehicle collision with a number of pedestrians on Flinders Street.

The video, shot this morning at around 6 am G.M.T (December 21), shows policemen attending the scene of the incident and arresting the driver of the car.

The images also show injured people being rescued on the floor.

The suspect is in custody and has an alleged history of drug use and mental illness. Another person, 24, has been arrested in connection with the attack as he was filming the incident and carrying a bag with knives in it according to local media.

Police said the driver was a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent, and was known to police, but was not on bail at the time of the incident.

Melbourne Victoria police believe it was a deliberate act. However, there are no proof or connections to an act of terror.

19 people have been injured, 15 are in a stable condition (including the driver) and four are in a critical condition.

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