Big Issue seller receives TV from passer-by for Christmas

Newsflare Published December 22, 2017

Rumble Heartwarming video of a Big Issue seller receiving a TV and a stand from a passer-by in Cwmbran, Wales.

Ian Lloyd, a bus driver, was on a break on Tuesday (December 18) when he saw the seller, who he knows by the name of Vince, receive the presents.

We, then, can see the joy of Vince when he punches the air with a bright smile on his face.

“I was on my break on Monday morning and Vince was in his usual place when I spotted the other guy place a TV down at Vince's feet, then he gestured to him that he'd be back in two minutes.” writes Mr Lloyd.

“So I thought he'd ask Vince to mind the telly for him while he popped to a shop or something, then I saw him coming back with the stand and for whatever reason, I knew I had to film it”.

“It really brightened my day up so I can't imagine how Vince was feeling."