This Is What Happens When Lava Burns Through A Tree

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Published: December 21, 2017

The natives living on the island of Hawaii are no strangers to lava spewing everywhere around them. When any one of the living volcanoes starts pouring molten rock around it, it can burn through the forests like it were nothing, leaving almost nothing in its path. Or so we thought.

When the 2000-degree lava passes through a wooded area, it doesn’t just reduce everything in a fiery field of black rock and ash. It also leaves these glowing holes in its wake. Once the flow has passes, one can find remnants of the life lava destroyed, like this glowing portal to hell.

Hawaii resident Kawika Singson came across a tree mold in the ground in Hawaii. The tree had burned from the roots up due to lava flow underground. He hiked almost seven miles of lava field to reach the edge of the burning forest, where he encountered this natural phenomenon, along with several others just like it.

“As I reached the outer perimeter of the tree line, I started to see these glowing hot holes in the lava which I was walking on,” he told The Huffington Post. “I immediately knew what it was as I’ve seen them before, but never in the stage that I was viewing it in ― glowing orange hot!”

Apparently, when lava hits a tree, it just just burst into flames and turn to ash. In fact, lava engulfs the moist, cool tree, creating a mold of the trunk around it. Eventually, the wood burns out or turns to charcoal. This footage shows the tree as it was actively being fossilized.

In a way, those trees don’t die, they incarnate into something that will last longer still.

Credit: kawika singson via Storyful

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