Excavator Pushes Wall Into Neighbour's Home During Auckland Home Demolition

Storyful Published December 21, 2017

Rumble An excavator knocked down a wall during a home demolition and pushed it into a neighbour’s house in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 20, causing a gas leak. This video shows the incident in Point Chevalie, a suburb and peninsula in Auckland. The hiss of gas and people saying “it’s gas” can be heard in the video, referring to a gas meter that had possibly been crushed. Workers spent around two hours in stopping the leak and fixing damaged power lines, according to NZ Herald. The newspaper said the incident occurred towards the end of the day when the demolition was almost completed. WorkSafe, New Zealand’s workplace health and safety regulator, ordered the site to be closed on December 21. Credit: Stan Schwalger via Storyful