Boy receives car from girlfriend’s family for his birthday

NewsflarePublished: December 20, 2017
Published: December 20, 2017

Heartwarming footage of Chris, 16, receiving a car from his girlfriend’s family for his birthday.

In the video, shot on December 9 in Dallas, Texas, Chris cannot contain his joy as he is presented with the car by Madison’s mother and her boyfriend.

“Madison has been dating Chris for about 11 months. He is a genuinely great person and we realized he was going through some hard times,” they wrote online.

"Madison’s and Chris’ parents both worked together to get the car situation worked out."

"David, Madison’s Mom’s Boyfriend pitched in and we all helped to get the car, get it fixed up and running," they continued.

"The day of the surprise Madison’s Mom told Chris that she would like to go to lunch with the family but before we had to go pick up David from his shop. When we got there David stopped him before entering the shop to basically say he knew what he was going through and that he wanted to help out."

"As Chris entered the shop there was his car waiting with a red bow."

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