Funny Prankster Reveals His Magician Friend's New Tricks

StoryfulPublished: December 19, 2017335 views
Published: December 19, 2017

Magic is something that has always left people with mouths wide opened. That’s a thing magicians know best, so they regularly use it to gain people's attention. But does magic really exist or is it just playing with illusion and people's perception of things?

Chinese magician A Gan and his prankster buddy "Pokerface Man" are revealing the truth to us. You thought your friends will support your tricks? Well, check out this video and see this funny magic spoiler revealing how A Gan really does the tricks. Every good good magician needs a discreet and loyal assistant, but this clip shows us that sometimes an assistant can be more of a nuisance than of assistance. Still, it is all in the name of a good laugh!

This time the famous duo is back with some new outdoor tricks and more shenanigans and of course the prankster "Pokerface Man" mercilessly reveals all the secrets of his friend’s magic tricks.

We have all seen at least once in our lives "the elastic man" that can bend his body backwards and put his legs over his head, but is it really true? Of course it’s not and "Pokerface Man" takes the credit for revealing that.

Flying money - imagine if they could float in your hands… However, it’s just another trick using a thread that’s wrapped to the magician’s fingers. Meh, so lame.

A cap magically appearing inside an empty glass? No way! Well, if you use a magnetic ring, yes, it’s possible.

Not so magical after all? At least you can watch them and have a great time laughing at their “tricks”.

Credit: A Gan & Pokerface Man via Storyful

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