Workers Save Newborn Pup From Getting Crushed Under Heavy Tires

NewsflarePublished: December 19, 2017859 views
Published: December 19, 2017

Workers of a government-owned transport company saved the life of a new-born pup that was at risk of getting crushed under tires.

They had to move around several tires to find the pup that had managed to get stuck under a heavy tire at the facility, which had stocked over 2,000 used bus tires.

They then had to make space carefully and lift the pup before reuniting it with its anxiously whining mom, which had no way of reaching out to its baby on its own.

Workers said the pup was so tightly packed under a tire, any small change in the arrangement of the tires could have crushed it – a strong possibility as the old tires are added to the dump yard almost daily.

A stray dog that lived at the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation workshop in Kolar, India, had given birth to four pups near the tires.

As it started raining heavily she began to move her pups to a dry spot under a bus that had been parked on higher ground. By the time she had moved her first three babies, the last pup had crawled inside rows of tires on its own perhaps to escape the wet ground and got stuck under a tire.

The workshop workers saw the mother whining continuously at the spot, and upon probing, heard the pup whimpering as well.

Prasad, a mechanic at the workshop, said,” We had to move 35 to 40 tyres to get to the pup. There was so little space I had to lift it by the skin of its neck with just my two fingers.”

They cleaned up the pup and gave it to the mother, who immediately moved him, to the dry spot under the bus.

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