War brother 01

hoangnguyenquyPublished: December 19, 2017
Published: December 19, 2017

The story happened in the late thirties of the last century, Jiangnan Water Village. The team led by non-governmental anti-Japanese cleric Gao Mingyuan was a well-known anti-Japanese force in the country. During a rescue operation of Japanese military prisons, they encountered the New Fourth Army guerrillas and met former classmates - the heart of the captain of the New Fourth Army guerrillas. Ming Yu Ming Yuan enjoy the character and ability, I hope Mingyuan join the New Fourth Army, the common anti-Japanese. Mingyuan and his brothers stubbornly against the Japanese forces by personal power, almost cast a big mistake. With the help of the moon and the moon, Mingyuan and others realized that they were reckless and self-willed, joined in guerrilla warfare and joined hands in guerrilla warfare. Although initially at a loss, but after hard work, we gradually adapted to the army's life. They bravely fought and defeated the plan of the Japanese mop. Mingyuan and his brothers also grew up in combat to become true revolutionary fighters. Meanwhile, Mingyuan and Xinyue also clashed with sparks of love.

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